• This is the first DVB-T version.
  • You can now switch from one channel to another &
    you can look at channels through the "Channel Editor" GUI.
  • The DVB-T initialization is always synchronized with the LinuxTV data.
  • The DVB-T recording now works. 
  • You need the SDL and Curl libraries to use the DVB-T support.
More informations are provided Here

  • Major bugfixes were made.
  • The "-respectnullsnd" switch was added to indicate if XdTV respects a null sound volume at startup.
  • The "-setosd" switch was added to display your own XOSD sentence on the screen.
  • The FFmpeg version was updated to the latest SVN one.
  • A strict aliasing optimization was added.
  • Some XdTV default parameters were updated.
  • The wrong vbi offset value with kernel 2.6.16 and later was fixed.
  • The libxdtv* libraries now load correctly without XviD & FFmpeg.
  • The png support was fixed.
  • A bug with the scrollbar and toggle translations were fixed. 
  • ...
More informations are provided Here

  • March 2006 : New Version 2.3.2 (Download):
    • The XdTV tarball now contain the FFmpeg libraries.
    • The xdtv_record.sh script was fixed.
    • Slackware support was improved.
    • All the make and configuration scripts were updated.
    A new repository was created for the UBUNTU distribution (Thanks Nico). Read this file to know how to install it.
    The Fedora repository is now a core 5 one. Don't use it with the version 4, it will not works.

  • January 2006 : New Version 2.3.0 (Screenshot & Download):

  • July 2005: A patch that add the GCC4 support + a better AMD64 CPU support is released: Here Add a new theme named "carbone" thanks to Rima. Update the standard & Aqua themes. Now all libraries are AMD64 compatible: Here
  • June 2005: new version 2.2.0 (snapshot & download):
  • A new fullscreen method and new mouse pointer management were added.
  • Support was added for the FFMpeg audio codecs MP2 and AC3
  • The FFMpeg video codecs FFMpeg MPEG2, MJPEG, RealVideo, H263+, MS MPEG4, Flash Video, and WMV7.
  • The last ffmpeg CVS version is supported.
  • Internationalization support was improved:
  •   Uses Xt/Xaw internationalization
  •   Three new languages are supported: Italian, Japanese (not yet complete), and German.
  •   For all languages 2 themes are proposed: default & aqua
  •   UFT-8 supported
  • The audio and video record GUI was updated.
  • A lot of bugs were resolved. Many cleanups and simplifications were done. 
  •  More informations are provided Here

  • April 2005: new version 2.1.1 :

  • Help us to translate XdTV in other foreign languages:
    If you know a language other than French, English, Catalan & Spanish, you can help us!
    For that it is enough to translate this file in the language that you wish
    then send it to us to this following address pingus77 at yahoo dot fr
    It will be taken into account for the next version of XdTV.
    Thank you.

    • Fix bugs in channels & frequency management.
    • Adds & Updates frequency tables for China, Argentina, South Africa etc...
    • Update the Xosd library to the new 2.2.14 version & fix a segfault if Xosd is not used.
    • XdTV works now with FFmpeg 4736:  add the support for both huffyuv & huffyuv (only if FFmpeg >= 4734)
    • Fix a segfault if the memcpy SSE optimization is used.
    • Add a new parameter: -nodecoinit to resolve the start error with fvwm / fvwm2
    • Apply several patchs (Thanks to Mr Moustache, Hiroshi Hasebe & shtrom@users.sourceforge.net)