XdTV is a software to watch, record and stream TV.  It interacts with AleVT (Teletext) and
Nxtvepg (NextView) and supports
the bttv, bktr & dvb APIs.  It contains some deinterlacing filters and
video files with various containers (AVI, MPEG, OGG, etc.) and many codecs:
FFMpeg >=0.4.6, XviD 0.9 & 1.x, DivX 4 & 5, Ogg Vorbis + Theora >=1.0a5. 
It has some plugin capabilities.

May be XdTV is not dead....
A compagny named TTV propose us to revive the project.
Here are the step we propose them:

- 1st step) CVS Repository Write Access: you can begin to modify the xdtv program. <==== here we are
- 2nd step) Project web space write access: you can begin to modify the website
- 3rd step) Release Technicians: you can release a new version
- last step) Project Admins: finaly I give you all the rights on the project

To follow ....


15 September 2007 "XdTV is dead":
For few months, no developement has been carried out on the XdTV project. None of us  has enough time  or desire to continue  or to  maintain this project.  You will find  a tarball  on the sourceforge download page  with the last  modifications  we did. If someone is interessed to continue the project, he can send an email at this adress pingus_77 at yahoo dot fr.
Thanks for all who participate to this project. Good luck. Bye.


11 March 2007:
We provide you a full ebuild file: That means an ebuild which offers you the possibility to compile XdTV with the internal FFmpeg (to have the DVB support). This ebuild compile XdTV with the last patch we provide. Thanks Alexis

You can download it HERE

10 March 2007:
We provide you a patch to have some success with the XdTV 2.4.0 compilation on a not MMX arch like  sparc, alpha, powerpc, ia64 and hppa. This patch is not needed with the i386 architecture. It add the internal 64bits FFmpeg support (for amd64, alpha, sparc64, powerpc64 and ia64).
Thanks to Christian Marillat for his help.
You can download it HERE

February 2007: We are happy to offer you a new XdTV version.
This new version is a major release.
It's the first of the new 2.4.x branch.
That means, we stop to maintain the last 2.3.x branch.

The main innovation is the so expected support of the DVB.

What offers the XdTV DVB support:
Here is a screenshot of XdTV with the DVB support

To enable the DVB support, some libraries are needed:

This library is needed to download some useful datas from the website.
This operation is done during the first TV channels scanning.
So, an internet connexion will be useful to do it.

This library is needed to synchronize the audio and the video.

This library is needed to read the mpegts/mp2 flow and to record the wished TV shows.
The swscale library must be activated for the recording part.
To have a full functional DVB support, we must patch the FFmpeg source code. Thus, XdTV contains its own FFmpeg version.

Nevertheless, following some demands, it's again possible to link XdTV with an external FFmpeg library.
This operation will cause unfortunately the desactivation of the support DVB: thus we don't advise it.

If someone find a way to avoid patching the FFmpeg library, we are interested in his solution.
Thus, it will be also possible to activate the DVB with an external FFmpeg library.

We will be happy to commit it into the XdTV source code.

In addition to the DVB support, this new version also proposes the following things:

As well as many other bugfixes and updates.
For more informations, please read the Changelog

XdTV needs you:

We hope to rely on you
as you can rely on us.

Donwload XdTV 2.4.0