XdTV use the Xaw library for its GUI frontend. This one is very old but, has some new inprouvments. The most known is Xaw3D:It adds a 3D look to most widgets. This library is not  maintained any more.

Actually, there are 3 main fully compatible Xaw3D clones (still in development):

  • Xaw95: This library set approximates the look and feel of windows 95.
  • XawM: This library is going to replace Xaw3D in the future. XawM means "Xaw Modern look and feel".
  • neXtaw: This library is, in my opinion, the prettiest. This widget set is based on Xaw95, and is nearly 100% compatible with Xaw3D. The goal is to emulate the look and feel of the N*XTSTEP GUI.
Since the 1.6.7 version, XdTV can be compiled with one of theses four libraries (Just select parameters of ./configure script. For more informations, lauch this command ./configure --help, into a shell).
XdTV with Xaw (-lXaw)
XdTV with Xaw3D (-lXaw3d)
XdTV with Xaw95 (-lXaw95)
XdTV with XawM (-lXawm)

XdTV with neXtaw (-lneXtaw)


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