Use XdTV with a remote control:

With XdTV, you can also use your remote control. To use it, you just have to install an external software called Lirc.

This software supports a lot of TV cards and remote controls. Here is its web site:

Into the XdTV tarball you will find some configuration files for Miro, Hauppauge, Animax and WinfastTv 2000 TV cards.

Note for Mandrake user: Lirc configuration file (lircd) can be found into the /etc/sysconfig folder.
An example of such configuration file for Pinnacle card (com2):

 # Hardware driver module to load
 # The device node that communicates with the IR device.
 # with devfs enabled
 # without devfs
 # COM2 (/dev/ttyS1)
 DRIVER_OPTS="irq=3 io=0x2f8"


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