Xdtv_cmd Parameters:

You can also use these parameters into your remote configuration file.
  • setstation [ <name> | <nr> | next | prev | back ] Set the TV station. This selects on of the TV stations which are configured in the xdtvrc config file. The argument can be the station name or a number (the first one listed in the config file is 0, ...). next/prev jumps to the next/previous station in the list, back to the previously selected one.
  • setchannel [ <name> | next | prev ] Tune in some channel.
  • deinterlace Select a deinterlace filter
  • zap | zap fast Channel Hopping Slow / Fast / Off
  • setinput [ <nr> | next | prev ] Set the source input (Television/Composite1/..)
  • volume mute mute / unmute audio by mixer
  • blackborders [ inc | dec | 16:9 | 4:3 | 20:9 | 1.33:1 | 1.78:1 | 2.35:1 | 1.66:1 | 1.85:1 | 2.20:1 | 2.40:1 | 2.55:1 | 2.65:1 | 2.76:1 | value ] Set the BlackBorders
  • volume tvmute mute / unmute audio by mixer and the TV-card. (useful when the sound has been lost because of too bad reception)
  • volume inc increment the audio volume by one.
  • volume dec decrement the audio volume by one.
  • volume number increment the audio volume by number. (decrement if negative)
  • fullscreen Toggle fullscreen mode.
  • showtime Display time
  • mouse Mouse Pointer visible / hidden
  • title Call the last nxtvepg title info again
  • stayontop Stay on Top Yes / No
  • decoration Window Decoration Yes / No
  • save Save all parameters in RC file
  • run Run an external command from XdTV (eg. shutdown -h now)
  • quit quit XdTV
  • keypad n enter digit 'n'. That's the two-digit channel selection, entering two digits within 5 seconds switches to the selected station. Useful for lirc.
  • setres color|constrast|bright|hue|capture|audio value set ressource value
  • record starts/stops recording
  • teletext Start/Stop builtin AleVT Videotext/Teletext decoder/browser
  • vtx line 1|line 2|line 3|...|line n Display subtitles, with no argument clear previous subtitles.
  • xosd toggles xosd use for osd display.
  • togglesub Toggles Subtitles: Activate or unactivate subtitles
  • subpageno Display Subtitles: Choose your Subtitles page number
  • unsubpageno Go back on a subtitle page. Work with subpageno and togglesub commands
  • snap [ jpeg|ppm ] [ full|win ] Capture an image from currently tunned station. First argument it the file format wether jpeg or ppm, second is wether to capture image in [full] screen mode or [win] to capture picture same as the size of XdTV window.
  • resmode switch between brightness, contract, hue and color
  • resource +|-value change the value of the current property (which is selected by resmode). example: resource +640 or resource -640

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