Sound Mixers:

Sometimes with XdTV, you need to make some small sound adjustments. So, we are going to present you several sound mixers which can be used under Linux, and which can be of great help in the case you come across sound related problems.
Here are three: One only for ALSA, another only for KDE and finally one for Gnome.

alsamixer and GUI:

be careful: XdTV is optimized for ALSA drivers (
Hence, we suggest you to install them instead of using OSS drivers.
Another advice: in the case you use the ALSA drivers, we strongly encourage you to use
alsamixer (in a shell). Even if this one is not prettier than KMix or AuMix, it is more adapted to tune every ALSA specific options of your sound card.


here is its GUI frontend (alsamixergui):


KMix (from KDE):

KMix from KDE is provided in every main distributions.

kmix.png (7912 bytes)


aumix.png (4603 bytes)

As you can see on this screenshot, only LINE is used to record sound (red button).


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