A little bit of history:

After a call found on DEVELO board, Keuleu with Maupatz help began to work on Xawdecode, one german software. They first added support for France SECAM.
April 2003: keuleu is gone. A new team appear and continue the project.
The next steps are here:

XdTV-2.0 (11/2004)

  • Xawdecode was renamed to "XdTV": "Xawdecode est mort vive XdTV".
  • Better C code was written in relation to audio and video drivers.
  • Overlay support for *BSD systems was added.
  • Generic management of video format conversion was implemented to improve hardware compatibility. The purpose is to make XdTV compatible with all TV cards, webcams or v4l compatible systems. This is also interesting for recording.
  • Optimized and uniform management for audio and video filters was added.
  • The Xaw/NeXtaw GUI is now finished. A default skin was added.
  • A different subtitle page for each channel is now possible.
  • The xdtv_scan.sh script updated to allow channels from the old RC file to be restored into the new one.

Xawdecode ChangeLog:

xawdecode-1.9.3 (05/09/2004)

Add two new graphical interfaces (xosd parameters & file selector).
Add a skin to all graphical interfaces.
Better osd / xosd management.
More parameters can now be saved (stay on top, window decoration, ...).
kscreensaver is now managed with fullscreen mode.
nextview title is now used to named avi files or grabbed images.
Possibility to preview the last recorded file.
the Grabdisplay mode is activated when a deinterlace filter is selected.


- Xawdecode.ad.in src/main.c src/conf.c (Pingus)
    Add "Shift+s" action to save configuration parameters

- slackware/build.conf slackware/build.sh slackware/pack.sh slackware/README (Glor)
    SlackBuild for Slackware. Thanks a lot Glor.

- xawdecode_fullscreen.sh Makefile.am xawdecode-gen.spec.in xawdecode.spec.in (LinuxFan)
    Add a script that use xrand xgamma and xawdecode -f to switch resolution
    with the oldswitch method
- src/main.c (Pingus)

    Kscreensaver (KDE) managed: kscreensaver is disable on fullscreen
- src/main.c src/channel.c src/xosdparams_ui.c src/xosdparams_ui.h configure.in (Pingus)
  Xawdecode.ad.in src/Makefile.am
      Add an Xosd GUI to choose & test all different parameters of xosd lib.
    Shift+X : to call this GUI

- src/main.c src/channel.c src/channel.h src/xfreeparams_ui.c (Pingus)

    Window Decoration state (On/Off) can now be recorded into xawdecoderc
    Stay On Top & Xosd states (On/Off) can now be recorded into xawdecoderc
    Subtitles & fullscreen mode (On/Off) can now be recorded into xawdecoderc
- src/divx.c src/divx.h src/divx_ui.c src/channel.c (Pingus)

    Possibility to preview the last avi recorded file (mplayer proposed by default)
    You can use another one. For example: xawdecode -avinoaudioout -avi (if you use xvid)
    Modify the RC file to change the video player.
    the preview can be launch through the video record GUI or through the main GUI.
    Possibility to launch schedule script through the main GUI too.
- src/main.c src/divx.c (Pingus)

    Get nxtvepg title program and include it into avi record filename and snap filename
    Add an action to re-call the nxtvepg title: info the main GUI (simple actions) & F1

- src/xfile.c src/xfile.h src/file_sel.c src/file_sel.h src/main.c src/divx_ui.c (Pingus)
  src/Makefile.am Xawdecode.ad.in
      Add the possibility to select the AVI Path through a specific Xaw GUI.
    Adapted from mwxcd.
- new pixmaps folder src/alevtparams_ui.c src/conf.c src/divx_ui.c src/main.c (Blindman & Pingus)
  src/subtitles_ui.c src/xfreeparams_ui.c src/xosdparams_ui.c
  xawdecode-gen.spec.in xawdecode.spec.in Makefile.am Xawdecode.ad.in

    possibility to add skin to xaw GUI: to have it use --enable-pixmaps to
    the configure script.
- src/xawdecode.xpm xawdecode-16.png xawdecode-32.png xawdecode-48.png (Blindman)
  xawdecode-48-2.xpm xawdecode-48.xpm xawdecode.svg xawdecode2.svg

    Add a new icon look n'feel
- a lot of files........... src/xosd.h srcxosd.c (Pingus)

    xosd 2.2.8 inside, as version 2.2.10 has too much problem with xdTV.

- Xawdecode.ad.in (Pingus)

    Small modifications to have popup help with the same look and feel

- Xawdecode.ad.in src/xfreeparams_ui.c (Pingus)

    Add more Blackborders Modes

- src/conf.c src/main.c src/subtitles_ui.c src/subtitles_ui.h(Pingus)

    All OSD messages were re-examined
- gentoo/xawdecode.ebuild (TGL)

    New ebuild for Gentoo Linux           

- src/main.c src/channel.c (Pingus)

    Better management of xosd messages (hide/unhide), more parameters can be
    modify through xawdecoderc

- src/main.c src/writefile.c src/writefile.h src/channel.c (Pingus)

    It's possible to choose now the path where you want to record grab images (RC file).
    It's also possible to choose the jpeg compression % through the RC file.     

- src/main.c src/commands.c (Pingus)

    Update the last xdTV actions for xawdecode_cmd / lirc
- src/main.c (Pingus)

    Autoselect Grabdisplay when a deinterlace filter is selected (very old ask)
- xawdecode.1 src/channel.c (Alain)

    xvport line in xawdecoderc
    (useful for me, because the two first ports of my GeForce card
    are very slow under Mandrake 10.0...)
- autogen.sh (Pingus)

    Update the script. Get it from ivman project. could use it to make dist

- src/main.c  (Pingus)

    stay on top activated always when we are in fullscreen (fix a bug with xfce4)
- xawdecode_record.sh (Cycyx)

    Fix a small bug when "08:00" is choosen for starttime or stoptime

xawdecode-1.9.2 "Keuleu" (20/06/2004)

Summary:  A lot of xaw GUI additions and updates were made, xvtv_overlay method was improved,
the possibility to select some blackborders was improved, Add a shell script to make a DVD
image from a xdTV recorded file, the ffmpeg huffyuv codec is now supported,
better colors in the 8 bits mode, better xosd use in xdTV.
xawdecode_scan.sh now works on kernel 2.6.

- src/Makefile.am src/alevtparams_ui.h src/alevtparams_ui.c src/channel.c src/main.c        (Pingus)

    Add a full AleVT GUI: almost all AleVT parameters can be configured through
    a specific GUI:
        - default Pages: you can launch several alevt windows at the same time
        - fine tune management: none, auto or manual method proposed
        - error reduction / error bell: activate / desactivate
        - select the caracter set you need: latin 1/2 greek or russian

- src/Makefile.am src/xfreeparams_ui.h src/xfreeparams_ui.c src/main.c src/x11.c        (Pingus)
  src/xawdecode.h Xawdecode.ad src/channel.c src/x11.c:

      Add an XFree parameters GUI:
        - You can modify fullscreen resolution switch
        - You can tune wm-off-by parameters
        - You can modify pixmap channel size
        - You can have info on XV through a specific button
        - You can modify, XV colorkey parameters
        - cap. width and height transfered into this GUI (from Main Options GUI)
        - you can choice a specific blackborder mode (off, 16:9 or 20:9)
        - you can modify Blackborder (Ctrl + B & Alt + B)

    all these parameters can be modify without editing the RC file and without
    any xdTV restart (as in the past).

- xawdecode.1 src/main.c src/x11.c xawdecode.1:                            (Alain)

    -xvtv_overlay on|off
    uses XVideo for overlay if available, all the other operations use the normal
    driver. It actually works only with v4l2 drivers because the device must allow
    multiple opens. (default=on with v4l2)

- src/Makefile.am src/blackborder.c src/blackborder.h src/divx.c src/main.c src/x11.c        (Alain)
  src/grab-v4l.c src/grab-v4l2.c src/xawdecode_scantv.c, src/xfreeparams_ui.c xawdecode.1

    - Add a new option in xdTV : possibility to apply blackborders on the
      grabdisplay mode.
    - Add a new option -ybar : possibility to add a blackborder value on each
      xdTv start
    - Add a new option blackborder into the RC file
    - Full compatible with all plugins (if one is installed).

- Xawdecode.ad xawdecode_wizard.conf xawdecode.1 src/ channel.c src/divx_ui.h            (Alain & Pingus)
  src/divx.h src/main.c src/divx_ui.c src/divx.c

      Add a streaming GUI:
    - Possibility to start / stop the streaming server through a GUI
    - Possibility to choose an http_port: by default http_port is 63427
    -rec_stream on|off : enables http export of the recording
     (xawdecode will act as a http stream server)

- src/avilib.c src/avilib.h src/channel.c src/divx.c src/divx.h src/divx_ui.c            (Grololo & Pingus)
  src/grab-v4l2.c src/main.c src/mixer.c xawdecode.1

      Patch from Grololo (thanks to him):
    - Huffyuv ffmpeg support (use 420P colorspace)
    - Avilib has been modfied to support extradata to write into AVI header.
    - Alsa state save and restore on exit, in order to avoid using the mixer
      to mute the line input after exiting the program. ( By default this option
      is turn off.)
    - An extra test for VBI support in video driver.
    - 3 new lines to get Xvid statistics
    - update the record documentation (Pingus)

- src/channel.c src/main.c src/mixer.c src/mixer.h xawdecode.1                    (Alain)

    restoresnd option: indicates  if  xawdecode  restores the initial sound
    settings on exit. By default this option is turn off.
- src/grab-v4l.c src/x11.c src/grab-avi.c src/grab-v4l2.c src/main.c xawdecode.1        (Alain)

    directvideo option: enables direct video mode for grabdisplay.

- xawdecode.1 src/main.c src/xawdecode_v4l-conf.c                        (Alain)
    -D option: adr set framebuffer address to adr.
     -Dw option   

- fix-mdk-libtool.sh                                         (Alain)

    add a script to fix libtool bug under mandrake 9.2 and 10.0
- xawdecode_makedvd.sh Makefile.am xawdecode.spec.in xawdecode-gen.spec.in             (Alain)
  debian/xawdecode.files debian/xawdecode.files.in
      Add a shell script to make a DVD image from a recorded file with xawdecode
    - fix problem when the subtitles file contains no subtitles
    - possibility to make a 16:9 DVD....

- src/main.c Xawdecode.ad Makefile.am configure.in Xawdecode.ad.in xawdecode.1            (François Bequet + Pingus & Alain)

    xosd patch from Francois Bequet: add an xosd bar for bright hue color
    contrast and volume. xosd could be activate / deactivate directly from the
    Main GUI. Thanks François ;-)
    The file Xawdecode.ad depends now on the use of LIBXOSD,
    so it must be produced the configure script...
    when audio mute is activated => xosd bar is not used

- src/x11.c src/main.c xawdecode.1                                (Alain)

    - option -xvtvport added.
    - now, xvtv_overlay default is "on" only if the XVideo Video port
    has the name "video4linux". (some NVidia cards provide a
    Xvideo Video port from which there's usually no TV...)

- Xawdecode.ad.in src/main.c configure.in xawdecode.1                        (Pingus)

    add 2 popups help in the main GUI & in TV window. It present xdTV project
    and explain the different methods to start xdTV.
- xawdecode_cmd.1 Xawdecode.ad.in xawdecode.1 src/main.c                    (Alain & Pingus)

    action "Volume(tvmute)" added. (type Shift-A two times can make sound rewind,
    if it has been lost because of too low reception). This action could be launched
    with the Main GUI.

- src/main.c Xawdecode.ad:                                    (Pingus)

    - Main Option GUI simplification:
        - add a channel hooping menu : zap and fast zap,
          - add a grab menu: ppm or jpeg and win or full,
        - add a simple actions menu:  audio mute show time,
          mouse pointer hidden and fullscreen in a same menu.
        - Full reorganization of the main GUI and src/main.c file.
        - Update record menu.
        - Volume, Hue, Bright, Color and Contrast are in % now.

    Mozaic Channels GUI:
        - Autorefresh the "Mozaic Channels" GUI with the select_zap() function.
        - "Mozaic Channels" GUI size is calculated according to pixsize RC parameter.
        - "Mozaic Channels" GUI size is calculated according to the channels number.
          (Hayvan demand): 1 to 3 => 1 line; 4 to 6 => 2 lines; 7 to ... => 3 lines
          each line = 3 channel pixmaps.

-src/x11.c src/grab-v4l.c:                                    (Pingus & Alain)

    Better message for -hwscan switch: XV value min. max. and current for
    all XV parameters
    During hwscan, the options "-xvport" and "-xvtvport" are displayed

- src/channels:                                            (Pingus)

    pix_height is automatically corrected if it is not equal to 3/4 * pix_width

- src/main.c:                                            (Pingus)

    Add a popup when Video or Audio DivX GUI is called through the Main Option GUI

- src/Makefile.am src/hi240torgb.c (no longer used) src/hi240torgb_gen.c (no longer used)    (Alain)
  src/divx.c src/grab-avi.c src/x11.c

    Better colors in 8 bits mode (use of exact formulas...)

- src/divx_ui.c    src/channel.c src/divx_ui.h                            (Alain)

    Divx GUI: No more separation sign/abs_value for recording delay

- Xawdecode.ad src/divx_ui.c src/main.c src/toolbox.c src/alevtparams_ui.c            (Pingus)
  src/xfreeparams_ui.c, src/conf.c, src/subtitles_ui.c

      - All GUIs with standard look and feel.
    - Add 2 buttons in AleVT GUI (to start AleVT directly from the GUI), in
      Subtitles GUI (to start subtitles directly from the GUI)

- xawdecode_scan.sh xawdecode_subtitles.sh                             (Calimero + Pingus)

    method to discover vbi and video devices: support now the /sys kernel 2.6 method.

- src/divx.c                                            (Pingus)

    no xawpopup record on fullscreen: hayvan demand

- configure.in                                            (Alain)

    update of divx and xvid checking...
- src/main.c src/channel.c xawdecode.1                                (Pingus & Alain)

    Add possibility to enable/disable xawpopup into the xawdecoderc
- src/main.c                                            (Alain)

    If "-c" option is used without the "-xvtvport" option then xvtv and xvtv_overlay
    modes are canceled because there is no way to guess the good XvVideo port.

- src/grab-v4l.c src/grab-v4l2.c                                (Alain)

    Better checking if overlay is really available....   

- xawdecode-gen.spec.in xawdecode.spec.in                            (Pingus)

    add -with noxaw3d -with xaw95 -with xawm -with nextaw switchs,
    to easily make the GUI you want with the "rpm -ta" command.

- src/divx_ui.c src/conf.c                                    (Pingus)

    No need to close divx GUI when schedule action is used. idem with edit RC button.
- src/xawdecode_wizard.c src/Makefile.am                            (Pingus)

    Update icon and background color.

- src/commands.c:                                        (Pingus)

    Fix the lirc snap command: it now works with its both arguments.

- src/subtitles_ui.h src/subtitles_ui.c src/main.c:                        (Pingus)

    Fix a small bug when subtitles GUIs is updated....small cleanups too...

- configure.in:                                            (Mat & Pingus)

    - CPU autodetection should now work.... (Mat)
    - Fix a bug with XawM library detection. (Pingus)
- src/grab-bktr.c:                                        (Alain)

    Fix too dark screen under *bsd.

- src/main.c:                                            (Pingus & Alain)

    - Fix a bug with Deinterlace, OSD (set_title() function) and -noxv switch.
    - Fix a bug on xawdecode init: some windows were created two times.
    - Fix the "xawdecode -f" bug: use the old switch method only to have
      the good fullscreen result.
    - Fix the option -rec_stereo: it was buggy.
    - fix to Napo's bug: with a lot of channels, the channel window disappeared
      just after its creation.....
- src/main.c src/xawdecode_v4l-conf.c :                                (Alain)

    Fix overlay problem with 8bpp grey and v4l2.
    Fix overlay problem on RGB15 displays with v4l2.

- src/alevtparams_ui.c src/channel.c src/divx_ui.c src/xfreeparams_ui.c             (Alain & Pingus)

    - Segfaulted with no xawdecoderc file (Alain)
    - Fix a small bug with default value for "finetune value" and "default page" fields
- src/divx.c                                             (Alain)

    fix problems for 24bpp displays   
- src/x11.c                                            (Alain)

    display some XVideo message only in debug mode

- alevt/xawdecode_alevt-cap.c                                     (Pingus)

    Fix a bug with alevt-cap options: "bad charset (not latin-1/2/koi8-r/koi/iso8859-7/el)"

- Xawdecode.ad.in configure.in                                    (Alain)
    Fix a bug find on Debian. "Shift" keys were not used correctly with XFree.
    All shortcuts now works.
- Xawdecode.ad.in src/toolbox.h src/toolbox.c src/main.c src/popup_ui.h src/popup_ui.c        (Pingus)

    Fix this bug "X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)."
    This message appears when a popup was closed.
    XtInstallAllAccelerators for popup record... Q, Escape, Enter possible to close
    popup windows

xawdecode-1.9.1 (04/14/2004)

A lot of xaw GUI additions and updates were made. BSD and non-i386/bigendian
Linux systems are now supported. The XviD 1.0 and FFmpeg CVS 1032 build 4708
codecs are now supported. Xinerama is now supported. xscreensaver is now
managed. Memory copy management was improved. Fullscreen mode was fixed.
An option to edit/view any record scripts was added.

- src/channel.c src/memecpy.c src/memcpy.h: (CuC + Jemino)

    New functions to optimize memory copy (4 categories FPU, MMX, MMXEXT and
    SSE are proposed). For each category several different
    bloc sizes are tested. The CPU profit depend on CPU L1 cache, and could reach 20%.

    Add version = x.y.z in memcpy_method file to probe memcpy methods when a new xdTV
    version is released.

      Thanks to them. Take into account patch #906743 (memcpy improvement)

- configure.in src/cpu_accel.h src/deinterlace.c src/grab-v4l2.c src/x11.c (Alain)
  src/xawdecode_scantv.c src/Makefile.am, colorspace.c, divx.c, grab-v4l.c
  colorspace.h, x11.h, grab-avi.c:

    xdTV should be usable for non-i386/bigendian linux systems: Alpha, IA64

- configure.in, src/Makefile.am, src/avilib.c, src/deinterlace.h, src/divx.c, src/divx_ui.c (Alain)
  src/grab-avi.c, src/grab-v4l.c, src/grab-v4l2.c, src/grab-xv.c, src/hi240torgb_gen.c
  src/main.c, src/mixer.c, src/x11.c, src/x11.h, src/xawdecode_scantv.c
  src/xawdecode_v4l-conf.c, alevt/vbi.c, src/cpu_accel.h, src/deinterlace.h:

      Multiplatform support: Watching is still only possible on linux but the avi client
      should work on any unix platform (without sound)

- README.bsd Makefile.am configure.in alevt/Makefile.am configure.in alevt/Makefile.am (Alain)
  src/Makefile.am src/divx.c src/grab-avi.c xawdecode.1 src/grab-bktr.c src/main.c
  src/mixer.c, alevt/fdset.c:

      BSD support (read README.bsd file for more infos). SUNaudio support for OpenBSD
    and netBSD. OSS used for freeBSD. Automatically switch to grabdisplay under BSD

- Xawdecode.ad src/Makefile.am src/channel.c src/main.c src/subtitles_ui.c src/subtitles_ui.h: (Pingus)

      Add possibility to enter manually a specific subtitle page number which is not
    into the list.

- src/xscreensaver.h src/xscreensaver.c src/vroot.h src/Makefile.am src/main.c: (Pingus)

      XawTV DPMS management adapted to xdTV.

- src/Makefile.am src/main.c configure.in: (Pingus)

      XawTV XINERAMA management adapted to xdTV. Thanks to Jan Dittmer for his tests.

- src/divx_ui.c src/Makefile.am src/stringuty.h src/stringuty.c src/popup_ui.h (Pingus)
  src/subtitles_ui.c src/popup_ui.c src/main.c Xawdecode.ad src/divx.c xawdecode.1 :

    Add xaw popup information capability (adapted from mwxcd).
    -noxawpopup switch added :that avoid to see any information popup.

- src/divx.c src/grab-avi.c: (Alain)

    Support of XviD 1.0

- src/divx_ui.c src/divx.c src/channel.c: (Mat)

    ffmpeg cvs support (tested on a ffmpeg 1032 - build 4708)

- ./Xawdecode.ad: (Pingus)

      All keyboard shortcuts updated: All of them are now accessible
      from all GUIs: TV, Main Options, Mozaic Channels, Channel Editor, Video Recorder
    Options and Audio Recorder Options

- src/main.c src/divx.c src/divx.h src/divx_ui.c: (Pingus + Alain)

      it's now possible to write, into the DivX GUI, a simple path: in that case the avi
    file name will be movie-channel-date-time.avi, or a complete file path:
    for example path/filename.avi.
      With this 2nd method, when the file reaches the 2Gb/4Gb limit (or when there's
      a new http client) filename.avi becomes filename_2.avi.
      Record filename is now made by the function get_filename in divx.c

- src/channel.c src/divx.c src/divx_ui.c src/divx_ui.h: (Alain)

    Fusion of divx.filename and divx_file_path

- xawdecode_record.sh: (Cyriac)

      Added option to edit/view record scripts and tests in
      order to check binaries existence (grep, sed, wc, at, cron, bash2, ...).
      Added explanation to setup sudo to shutdown computer.
      Bugs corrected (recording path, editing option, ...).

- src/divx_ui.c src/divx_ui.h src/channel.c: (Pingus)

      Add into DivX GUI 2 new buttons: divx_delay_sign
      (the delay between Audio and Video could be negative or positive) and divx_delay
    (value between 0 to 500 ms)

- src/divx_ui.c src/divx_ui.h src/divx.h src/main.c Xawdecode.ad: (Pingus)

      Split DivX GUI in two GUI: one about video and the other about audio.
    It could be possible to access Video GUI from Audio one (and "vice versa").
    keyboard shortcut:  Alt+R => launch Video Recorder Options, Ctrl+R
    => launch Audio Recorder Options. These two GUI could also
      be launched from Main Options GUI.

- Xawdecode.ad: (Pingus)

    Now channels GUI is renamed in "Mozaic Channels",
    Options GUI is renamed in Main Options GUI
    "Mozaic Channels" window has now a better size.

- Xawdecode.ad: (Pingus)

    In Path field, select text and use "Delete / Suppr" keyboard key now works!

- Xawdecode.ad: (Pingus)

    Define useful shortcuts into the Path Text Widget: escape, delete, end line,
      beginning line, ctrl+c ctrl+v ctrl+x shift+insert ctrl+insert etc...

- src/xawdecode.xpm xawdecode-16.png xawdecode-32.png xawdecode-48.png: (Pingus)

    Update xdtv icons:
      add a small tux from GPL pictures (http://da-flow.tk). Remove antennas from xpm icon.

src/grab-avi.c: (Alain)

    In debug mode, display audio properties of the file

- xawdecode.1 src/main.c alevt/alevt_main.c alevt/vt901-01.out xawdecode_alevt-cap.1 (Pingus)
  xawdecode_alevt.1 Makefile.am xawdecode.spec.in:

    It's now possible to add all AleVT specific arguments with this xdTV switch -alevt_arg
    Don't forget to write AleVT arguments between two quotation marks (i.e. "").
    Thanks to qwerty <v50@nm.ru> St. Petersburg, Russia to report this problem.
    -vbi / -oldbttv / -newbttv swiths shouldn't and could't be used!

- alevt/ReadmeGR alevt/vtxt-iso8859-7.bdf xawdecode_alevt-cap.1 xawdecode_alevt.1 (Pingus)
  alevt/Makefile.am alevt/alevt_main.c alevt/exp-html.c alevt/font.c alevt/font.h
  alevt/lang.c alevt/lang.h alevt/xawdecode_alevt-cap.c alevt/xio.c

    Alevt with Hellenic set (Greek support): add patch from http://go.to/sl45sms
    (thanks to the authors)
    To use it: xawdecode -alevt_arg "-charset el"

- src/channel.c src/main.c: (Alain)

      little change for the config save: the default settings    does not depend
    on the current config.
    The new rule is:
      "The main default parameters (norm, capture and source) can only be modified
    through xdTV GUI if only no channel are defined (in the xawdecoderc).
    If only one channel is defined, these parameters will be written in each section
    of each selected channel (only if they are different from the main default

    Voici la nouvelle règle:
    Les paramétres généraux proposés par défaut sont modifiables via la GUI si et
      seulement si aucune chaine n'est définie dans le RC. Sitôt une chaine définie,
      il n'est alors plus possible de modifier les choix généraux (via la GUI).
      Le paramétrage de la norme, de la capture ou de la source s'inscrit alors dans
      la section de la chaîne sélectionnée si l'un d'eux est différent des paramétres
      généraux proposés par défaut."

- src/http.c: (Alain)

    Fix little bug with http channel change on the server side

- src/divx.c: (Alain)

    Fix bug: in 1.9.0  when the recordable file could not be created, it segfaulted

- alevt/vbi.c: (Pingus)

    Take into account patch #906150 (alevt patch):  Make vbi work on
      saa7134 based grabber board. Thanks to the author. Thanks also to Martin Braun

- src/wmhooks.c src/main.c xawdecode.1: (TrueLenny + Pingus + Brian Craft)

      Auto switch resolution (useful for overlay mode; use Fullscreen = *** x ****)
      is repair (new method).
      Thanks to TrueLenny to propose us a solution.
      This patch works well with KDM, FluxBox, BlackBox, IceWM, AfterStep, fvwm2
    fvwm1 and sawfish. This patch doesn't work correctly with Metacity.

      Read this message about FULLSCREEN problem and Metacity:

      As Metacity insists on putting a title bar, Brian Craft propose a patch to xawtv
    (applied here to xdTV):

      "Looks like no one is willing to deal with xawtv and metacity not playing nicely
       wrt fullscreen mode.
      Metacity insists on putting a title bar in the way.
      xawtv attempts to address these issues with the wm-off-by option, which works
      by shifting the window on the desktop until the title bar isn't showing. But
      the window is placed at 0,0, and moving it up to get rid of the title bar would
      put the title bar off the desktop. Metacity refuses to do this.

      Here's a workaround. If a wm-off-by setting is negative, it moves the viewport
      forward instead of the window backward. Thus the window is never moved off the
      edge of the desktop."

      => to use it try to configure wm-off-by = +0-Y in your xawdecoderc
    (in my RC Y=-25)
    To use the old XFree switching method, use the-oldswitch parameter.

- src/main.c: (Pingus)

    Fix a bug with subtitle list (#define NB_SUBPAGENO not correct)

- src/divx.c: (Alain)

    Fix audio bug, with high compression, the samplerate can be changed by lame

- src/grab-v4l2.c: (Alain)

    Vbi is now closed correctly

- alevt/vtxt-koi8.bdf alevt/alevt_main.c (Pingus)

    Small fix on Russian aleVT support.

- src/cpu_accel.c (Thomas de Grenier de Latour)

    Small fix with CPU detection and ebx register (found on a Gentoo "hardened"
    version). This patch comes from mjpegtools utils files. Thanks to TGL for his
    adaptation to xdTV.
    Fix cpu-id inlines to permit PIC... (mjpegtools comment):
    "Slightly weirdified cpuid that preserves the ebx and edi required by gcc for PIC
    offset table and frame pointer."

xawdecode-1.9.0 (08/02/2004)


" Better Lirc support for remotes: new eventmap support added,
new xawdecode_cmd commands added
Better methods to schedule records with At and Cron,
xdTV can now record AVI files without any codec installed,
xdTV become a simple Xvid / uncompressed AVI player,
xawdecode TV server and Client : Streaming possibilities through HTTP,
and a lot of updates and fixes"


- src/event.c src/event.h src/channel.c src/commands.c src/commands.h src/lirc.c Makefile.am     (Cooly)
  New lirc/eventmap support for xdTV. It comes from xawTV source code.Thanks to Lucian Langa
  <cooly@eweb.ro> to port it to xdTV . Go to README.lirc file to learn more infos about it.

- src/main.c src/commands.c ./xawdecode_cmd.1: Add "setinput" to xawdecode_cmd in        (Cooly)
  order to change input source.

- src/commands.c ./xawdecode_cmd.1: Add "snap" to xawdecode_cmd in order to capture an image.    (Eugeny + Cooly + Pingus)
  Thanks to Eugeny Korekin <az@ftc.ru> for her patch.

- src/channels.h src/frequencies.c: Add the secam-russia freq table.                (Cooly + Eugeny)

- src/divx.c: Add compatibility with ALSA 1.0.x                            (Pingus + Alain)

- src/commands.c src/main.c: Add the possibility to control brightness, contrast, hue and    (George + Pingus)
  color through the "remote control":
  The "resmode" function switch between brightness, contract, hue and color.
  The "resource" function change the value of the current property selected by "resmode".
  Thanks to George Tellalov <jorot@obs.bg> for his patch.

- ./xawdecode_record.sh:                                    (Cycyx)
    - Allow the script to shutdown the computer when the recording session is over.
    - Hour format are now verified.
    - bash2 'read' options are now used to read parameters.
    - Add the possibility to schedule records with CRON (every day, every month...).
    - Add the possibility to rename AVI files which are cut in several parts
      (files greater than 2 Go).
    - Negative "Time record" is now verified.

- src/main.c src/toolbox.c src/toolbox.h ./Xawdecode.ad : Add an autoscroll function        (Cooly + Pingus)
  for the "stations" widget. => TODO: resizing of the widget if the "Stations" widget
  is higher than the current video resolution card .

- src/main.c src/divx.c src/divx.h src/avilib.c src/avilib.h ./xawdecode.1:            (Alain)
  Add option -rec_filename (default=divx_path/movie-channel-date.avi).
  Make recording to pipes possible, try this method:
    mkfifo /tmp/fifo.avi
    xawdecode -rec_filename /tmp/fifo.avi -e record &
    mplayer -ni -cache 8192 /tmp/fifo.avi

- ./configure.in ./xawdecode.1 src/avilib.c src/channel.c src/commands.c src/divx.c         (Alain)
  src/divx.h src/divx_ui.c src/grab-avi.c src/main.c src/x11.c:
  It can be possible to record without any specific video codec.
  To use it try this switch : -rec_codec uncompressed
  For Example, try this method:
    mkfifo /tmp/fifo.avi
    xawdecode -rec_width 640 -rec_height 288 -rec_vcodec uncompressed\
    -rec_chg on -rec_mp3 off -e "volume mute; record" \
    -rec_display off -rec_filename /tmp/fifo.avi &
    mplayer -cache 63427  -ni -mc 0 -aspect 4:3  -vop denoise3d=4:40:3 /tmp/fifo.avi

- ./xawdecode_http.sh ./xawdecode-gen.spec.in ./xawdecode.spec.in ./debian/xawdecode.files    (Alain)
  ./debian/xawdecode.files.in Makefile.am
  This script allows you to create an http server which provides the video of your TV-card.
  To have more robust avi reading, even on network streams, you can try this method:
    sh xawdecode_http.sh
    xawdecode -avi http://localhost:63427 -noplugin

  !!!!!!!!!!    This method is just for fun, do not use for real usage    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  !!!!!!!!!!                Prefer the -rec_http_port option            !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- src/main.c src/grab-avi.c xawdecode.1: Option -avinoaudioout added.                (Alain)

- xawdecode.1 src/Makefile.am src/avilib.c src/avilib.h src/divx.c src/divx.h            (Alain)
  src/grab-avi.c src/http.c src/http.h src/main.c src/x11.c:
  Option -rec_http_port added. You can try this method:
      xawdecode -rec_filename /dev/null -rec_http_port 63427 \
       -e record -rec_vcodec xvid -rec_chg on -rec_width 384 \
        -rec_height 288 -rec_mp3 off -noplugin & \
    sleep 3
    xawdecode -avi http://localhost:63427 -noplugin

  Have a look at this option: "-rec_chg on". If you use it, you can change channel from
  a far xdTV AVI client on the xdTV AVI server. ( src/main.c src/http.c src/grab-avi.c
  src/channel.c src/channel.h better channel change by http client (Napo demand))

- src/main.c src/grab-avi.c src/divx.c src/divx.h xawdecode.1: Various command line options    (Alain)
  for audio control:
    -rec_stereo on|off : activate stero mode (default=off)
    -rec_audiobuf size : set the size of the audio buffer (default=1764)
    -rec_fragments number : set the number of audio fragments
    -rec_fragmentsize size : set the size of the audio fragment (default=2048)
    -avi_audiofragments number : set the number of audio fragments for avi reading
    -avi_audiofragmentsize size : set the size of audio fragments for avi reading

- src/main.c xawdecode.1 Xawdecode.ad: add a new shortcut Alt+R to easily reach the        (Pingus)
  DivX window options.

- src/divx_ui.c src/channel.c:    New button into divx GUI to launch the xawdecode_record.sh    (Pingus + Alain)


- ./configure.in font/Makefile.in: Add a method to find mkfontdir path.                (Pingus)
  new switch: --with-mkfontdir That resolve an error with Slackware Linux.
  Thanks to Werner Hartnagel <werner@linuxdesk.org> for his report.

- src/main.c: Update channel_menu function.                            (Pingus)

- src/main.c: Double sound init needed for NICAM TV Card.                    (François + Pingus)
  Thanks to "francois bequet" <cocobequet@hotmail.com> for his patch.

- src/xawdecode_scantv.c:                                    (Alain)
    - Trys v4l2 and then v4l1.
    - Better management of the I/O errors with the vbi device, during the name search.

- src/main.c : Update subtitles pages list.                            (Pingus)

- src/avilib.c src/divx.c src/grab-avi.c src/main.c src/mixer.c src/mixer.h:            (Alain)
  Sound support for the -avi option added : xawdecode could now read xvid or uncompressed.
  Video file with an uncompressed or compressed (mp3) sound.
  -avi option can now work with URLS http://
  The xdTV avi read was optimized for video files created by xdTV.
  To test this new option, you can try this method:
    xawdecode -rec_filename /tmp/fifo.avi -rec_mp3 off -rec_vcodec xvid -e record
    xawdecode -avi /tmp/fifo.avi -noplugin

- xawdecode.1 src/main.c: Update infos about -plugin and -noplugin switchs            (Pingus)

- xawdecode_cmd.1 src/commands.c: add for xawdecode_cmd these commands:                (Alain + Pingus)
  setchannel, deinterlace and zap. volume commands explained into the man.

- src/event.c src/event.h src/lirc.c README.lirc: Update the "repetition_rate" stuff        (Cooly + Alain)
  The "repeat" field is now facultative.


- src/channels.c src/channel.c src/channel.h src/event.c src/event.h:                (Cooly)
  Fix saving of user eventmaps into the rc file.

- src/conf.c: Fix segfault with v4l2, xvtv and dummy modes (If you try to use buttons        (Pingus)
  "scan TV" and "Edit RC").

- ./configure.in: Fix CPUs detection.                                (TGL + Pingus)

- src/commands.c src/main.c xawdecode.1:                             (Cooly + Alain + Pingus)
  Fix a problem explain by Urke MMI <urke_kg@verat.net>:
  When someone try to use xawdecode_cmd "keypad X" command, where X is number between 0 and 9,
  xawdecode doesn't wait for 5 secondes to get another number. So I can't reach a channel
  which number is on 2 digits".
  To resolve this problem, you must use these switchs:
      -doublekey on/off : enables double keys (default=on if there are more than 10 stations)
      -doublekey_firstisone on/off : indicates if the first station has number 1, and not 0,
     needed for doublekey (default=off except if lirc-key-1 is mapped to keypad 0 or the
     hotkey of the first channel is 1, KP_1 or KP_End)

- ./xawdecode_record.sh:                                    (Cycyx)
     - Fix a bug: it's now possible to launch a record without being under X
       (only with an xdm|gdm|kdm|wdm open session: only if xhost is correctely used).
     - By default divx_path is now used to save records (from xawdecoderc file).
       ${HOME} is used if a problem appears.

- src/main.c : Fix segfault with video source menu.                        (Alain)

- src/channel.c : Fix a segfault for NVidia video card which have a video port,            (Alain)
  but no secam encoding, which is normally the default.

- src/grab-avi.c : More correct ending with non-seekable files or -avibench option        (Alain)

- src/channel.c: update of the divx_ui window with the command line options            (Alain)

- src/main.c: better load_last_channel, in particular we can have several            (Alain)
  stations with the same channel, without disturbing....

xawdecode-1.8.2 (28/11/2003)

"A lot of Fix, French and English handbooks and an Alsa Native Support"

- src/grab-v4l.c: Fix Hayvan bug: Solve problem with multi sound channels like Arte and the audio mode detection. (Alain)
- src/channel.c: Fix Napo bug: corrected bug when more than 10 channels (Bart)
- ./xawdecode_record.sh: Corrected a 'cd' bug (CycyX)
- src/main.c : fix a small bug with c_subpageno and c_togglesub if no video codec are installed (Pingus)
- src/x11.c : fix napo's bug with the key 'B' (Alain)
- ./xawdecode.spec.in: fix 2 bugs one with ffmpeg and one with xosd package dependencies (Pingus)
- src/memcpy.c memcpy checking must not be done on 386/486 processors (Alain)
- src/xawdecode_v4l-conf.c fix: now compiles on very old systems (386/486 processors) (Alain)
- src/xio.c : teletext twinkling is now made by a timeout in the select and NOT by a new process. (This process caused a segfault during channel changes with v4l2 and ALEVT,  because it makes the video device busy ! It was a really very very hard bug  !!!!!) (Alain)
- alevt/capture_sub.c : Fix subtitles were always displayed when pageno is "all" and alevt is running (Alain)

- src/mixer.c src/divx.c: Add a complete ALSA native support. Need alsa 0.9 minimum (Alain)
- ./lircrc.WinfastTV2000.sample: Add a lircrc sample file for WinFast TV 2000 (Thanks to AirbaT) (Pingus)
- src/main.c src/divx.c: Automatically sets in grabdisplay mode when recording (Alain)
- src/divx.c src/main.c src/mixer.c src/mixer.h ./xawdecode.1 : Add -noalsa option (Alain)
- src/commands.c: Added "list" to xawdecode_cmd list to list all commands, added "run" to run an   external command from xawdecode (eg. shutdown -h now) (cooly)

- ./gentoo : Update these files : gentoo/xawdecode.ebuild, gentoo/metadata.xml, gentoo/ChangeLog (Pingus)
- ./configure.in : change in alsa detection, now amixer is not needed and alsa 0.9 is necessary. alsa is enabled by default since the choice alsa/oss is made at the execution (alain)
- xawdecode_record.sh :
    - Now uses 'divx_path' variable from the configuration file (1.8.1)
    - -v has been added to the help output.
    - Now, in expert mode, personnal options can be entered (for plugins for example). (CycyX)
- Update AideFR.tar.bz2 to version 2.2: a french handbooks for xdtv (Pingus + BlindMan)
- Update HelpUS.tar.bz2 to version 2.2: an english handbooks for xdtv (Pingus)
- src/frequencies.c: Added SR1-SR8, SR11-SR18 for eastern-europe tab (cooly)
- src/channel.c src/main.c: Added Capt width/height into rc file save/load functions. Not all cards can do CAPT_WIDTH_MAX (768) (cooly)
- ./xawdecode.1 ./xawdecode_cmd.1: update xawdecode and xawdecode_cmd man pages (pingus)
- ./xawdecode_wizard.conf: Xawdecode with XOSD (Better OSD) and Xawdecode without ALSA  (pingus)

  • xawdecode-1.8.1 (04/10/2003)

    - Fix a bug into DivX GUI: if VBR is selected, MP3 bitrate is hide. if CBR is selected MP3 VBR quality is hide (Pingus)
    - Bad characters are now represeented by ' ' instead of '?' in subtitles (Alain)
    - Sound Mixer: solve problem when quitting xdTV with muted sound (Alain)
    - Sound Mixer: the colume cursor was not updated correctly (Alain)
    - now the vtx command ignores strings which have more than 8 lines (they come from teletext  pages which are not subtitles) (Alain)
    - Fix 3 bugs in channel editor with channel num. 1 (Pingus)
    - Fix some "write defaults" parameters in RC (Pingus)
    - the option -subpageno has more priority than the config file... (Alain)
    - Fix 2 bugs into xawdecode_scan.sh: version. 0.6a (Calimero)
    - Fix a bug with "stay on top": when fullscreen ON/OFF or window decoration ON/OFF is called, "stay on top" was lost (Bart)

    1) Modification of the main GUI

    - Add 2 new buttons to main GUI: Capture Width and Capture height. If you use a plugin capture height is hide. If there is no plugin, you can play with this two options (goto the man to learn how to use them) (Alain + Pingus)
    - Add a showtime button into GUI (Pingus)
    - Add a new "subtitles Page Number" button with standard page number (888, 890, 777, 778, 150 etc...) in the main GUI (Pingus + Alain)
    - Add new button into main GUI about P action : toggle subtitles (Pingus + Alain)
    - Add subpageno option to xawdecoderc (Pingus)

    2) Modification of the DivX GUI

    - Add 2 new buttons into DivX GUI : Record Subtitles and Change Channel (Pingus)
    - Add new DivX parameters to xawdecoderc file (    min_quantizer, max_quantizer, audio_buffer_size, display_frame, record_sub, record_chg) (Pingus)
    - Let user "Quit and Save" it configuration in divx GUI (Pingus)
    - Divx file path is now save into xawdecoderc, all modifications about this path are keep into divx GUI (Pingus)
    - Add a meter for these buttons: hue, volume, bright, contrast, color (Pingus)

    3) Add new options to xawdecode program:

    - Add 2 new options : -force_capt_width, -force_capt_height | forces width and height of the grabbed frames; To desactivate capt_width use: -force_capt_width 0, -force_capt_height 0 (Alain)
    - Add new option: -subpageno number | all | (Number could be: typically 888, 777, 150 ..; default=888). First try to make AleVT produce the subtitles (this option does not need AleVT to be run. subtitles is stopped after an AleVT start or stop) If you use "all", all the teletext pages which look like subtitles are displayed with their number, so use this if you want to guess the pageno of the subtitles. (Alain)
    - Add new option: -avibench | (requires the -avi option) Does not delay between two frames (read AVI File very quickly), stops when the end of the avi is reached and diplays  some statistics on CPU usage. (Alain)
    - Add new option: sub on|off activates/deactivates subtitles (default=off) (Alain)
    - Add new option: subpageno number|all sets pageno of subtitles.

    4) shortcuts:

    - P              Toggles Subtitles: Activate or unactivate subtitles
    - Ctrl+P       Display Subtitles: Choose your Subtitles page number
    - Alt+P        Go back on a subtitle page. Work with Ctrl+P and P commands (Pingus + Alain)

    5) Modification of Channel Editor GUI

    - All Channel Editor review, add possibility to edit RC file, resize GUI, rename buttons (Pingus)

    6) New program (welcome in our team CycyX):

    - Creation of xawdecode_record.sh script in order to schedule records: goto README.record to have more info about it: (CycyX)
        - Added menu for listing/delting scheduled records.
        - Added optimization options (nbufs, capt_width, capt_height).
        - Replaced '-q' by '-x' for expert mode.
        - Added expert mode in menu.
        - Bug fixed (when listing scheduled records, then setting a new schedule, the channel parameters wasn't re-initialized).
        - Added time format in questions.
        - Changed -d to -D for avi directory
        - Added -d for recording date
        - Added date support in order to schedule a record any day (no more 24h limit)
        - Come back of the 'quick' option, in order to automate scheduling (CGI, scripts, ...). Some optimizations.

    - replace recchg by rec_chg (Pingus)
    - mixer changes (Alain)
    - update debian folder (Napo)
    - better startup for new xdTV user (Pingus)
    - now cur_volume is in % (Alain)
    - update xawdecode wizard : add a new button to launch xawdecode_record.sh. Detete old one about old method to see subtitles on screen. This method always works, but the new one through the GUI is better (Pingus)
    - Update xosd lib support: work with standard library or patched library. (Mat will upload patched library when it will be necessary)
          - Subtitles are now on 3 lines
        - defaut subtitles font has changed
        - OSD subtitles doesn't move anymore if the window is moved
          (this function didn't work as well as it have to: it must be rewritten) (Mat)

    • xawdecode-1.8.0 (14/09/2003)

    New name for xawdecode: xawdecode become xawdecode [xdTV]

    - Change to impose that the recording size cannot be greater than 768x576 in pal/secam and 640x480 in ntsc. (Alain)
    - Switching between NTSC and PAL is now safe (Alain)
    - More correct code when some problems occur in divx_init (Alain)
    - Correction bug with RGB15/RGB16 and recent divx4linux (Alain)
    - Correction flip bug with RGB32 and XViD (again..) (Alain)
    - Change to impose that the recording fps cannot be greater than 25fps in pal/secam and 29.97fps in ntsc. (Alain)
    - Teletext: little change to make "-novbi" option clean (Alain)
    - With XVideo the size of the window is not locked during recording and has not the size of the avi file (Alain)
    - Correction of one bug in overlay when the message "ioctl VIDIOCSYNC: Bad file descriptor" was sometimes displayed (Alain)
    - Configure.in file:disables ALSA by default. (the use of ALSA was used only to mute, and in it causes too many problems) (Alain)
      => Modification in spec.in files to follow this modification:
        - if you want to have alsa support: rpm -ta xawdecode-1.8.0.tar.gz -with alsa
        - if you want to have xosd support: rpm -ta xawdecode-1.8.0.tar.gz -with xosd (Pingus)

    - Add options to xawdecode: (Alain)

        * -rec_height
            - examples:
              rec_width 320 -rec_height 0  -->  320x240
            rec_width 0 -rec_height 576  -->  768x576

        * -nbufs | sets the number of kernel-buffered frames (default=3).

        * -capt_width width | sets the width of the grabbed frames; if width is zero then the width is the width of the X11 window (default) (needs XVideo)

        * -capt_height height | sets the height of the grabbed frames (needs XVideo)

        * -v4l1 | forces the old v4l1 driver. It is not recommended because drivers which provide v4l2 are more unstable in v4l1 mode.

        * -recchg | allows channel change during recording

        * -rec_delay | set recording delay between audio and video in seconds (default = 0.00 second). Value can negative or  positive. The delay will    always be between value-gap and value+gap. Use this option if you notice that there is always the same A/V delay in your movies, but normally 0.00 is always fine.

        * -force_visual |force_visual StaticGray|PseudoColor|TrueColor
              forces to use an X11 visual. Useful on 8-bits display to choose between gray and color.

        * -force_depth | force_depth 8|15|16|24|32  forces to use the specified X11 depth.

        * -avi filename.avi | reads frames from filename.avi. (only used for testing, only work with XVID)

        * -xosd | use xosd library to display a better osd. (still in developpement)

    - Add an option to xawdecode_v4l-conf: (Alain)

        * -1 (for the -v4l1 option of xawdecode)

    - Add an option to xawdecode_cmd: (Alain)

        * xosd (toggles xosd use for osd display).

    - Add support of libxosd: an OSD X lib better than our OSD http://www.ignavus.net/software.html (Mat)

        - New configure options:  (Alain)
            --enable-xosd enables libxosd
            --disable-xosd disables libxosd (default)
            --with-xosd-config=LIBXOSD_CONFIG (Location of xosd-config)

        - make move osd when the windows move (Mat)
        - The color of OSD could be modified into the xawdecoderc file like this: (Mat)

            xosd_color = red
            xosd_font = -xxl-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
            xosd_vtxfont = -xxl-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1

        - xosd could follow the xawdecode [xdTV] windows. To do that you have to patch the last 2.2.2 xosd lib with this file:       http://xawdecode.sourceforge.net/download/libxosd_diff.tar.bz2 (Mat)
        - Xosd is not used by default, to install xawdecode [xdTV] with xosd  support run configure script with the "--enable-xosd" option, and execute xawdecode [xdTV] with "-xosd" option. (Alain)

    - Add support of 256 colors display using the HI240 palette of bttv cards. (Alain)

    - Recorder: (Alain)
        - Function divx_audio_start and divx_audio_stop become public to make switching between clear and plugin possible during recording
        - The size of the captured frame and the size of the window can be different now.
        - Add of get_buf function in all the grab-*.c files
        - Recording will now work with GRAY or 256-colors displays.

    - video file viewer (grab-avi.c): (Alain)
        - add the possibility to read Xvid file directly with xawdecode [xdTV] (no sound actually)

    - Add a xawdecode.desktop file for Gentoo linux distribution. Thanks to TGL <degrenier@easyconnect.fr> (Pingus)

    - plugin API: the 1.8.0 API is little bit different from last xawdecode [xdTV] version. So don't try to use old plugin with new xawdecode [xdTV] version (>= 1.8.0). (Alain)

    - Working version of grab-v4l2. Now it is the default if you have a v4l2 driver. everything is supported: overlay, grabdisplay,recording. (Alain)

    Recorder: (Alain)
        - Use fast_memcpy function to grab video
        - Use of timestamps in the synchronization during recording
        - Better divx record synchronization.
        - Indicates in the title of the window if recording is in progress

    - Update for recent bttv drivers (Alain)

    - Update ebuild file for Gentoo linux distribution. Thanks to Christian Loitsch <cloitsch@gmx.net> and TGL (Pingus)
    - Update the message if no plugin is installed. last one, when xawdecode [xdTV] was launched, disturbed users (Pingus)
    - No more config.guess config.sub and ltmain.sh files into the CVS: with the autogen.sh update,these files are now created automatically. (Pingus)
    - Add $id$ on missing source files with licence (Pingus)

    • xawdecode-1.7.5beta (29/07/2003) "Summer Release"

    - Command line options must be done again after config file reading (Alain)
    - Makes the "-o" option work (Alain)
    - Allows compilation (fix error on channel.c) with no codec (Alain)
    - No plugin needed with the dummy driver! (thanks to Alexou for finding this bug) (Alain)
    - Add function mkdtemp and test it presence: this function did not exist in old versions of glibc    (Alain)
    - audio_frames was not updated correctly with no audio compression (Alain)

    - Replacement of the scantv from xawtv by our own program: xawdecode_scantv (Alain)
    - Add a TODO Memento in French: to keep none implemented good ideas (Pingus)
    - Add support for PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL-NC, NTSC-JP: request from abruce@ig.com.br (Alain and Pingus)
    - Binginning of V4L2 support for Xawdecode -v4l2 (not fully implemented). To test it: xawdecode -v4l2 (Alain)
    - First try to support BTTV 0.9.x driver family: seems to work with 0.9.11 (Alain)
    - add a new xawdecode command option : -xvtv ; Use XVideo to communicate with your TV card. you must have "load v4l" into the module section of your XF86Config-4 file. (Alain)


    - add a new xawdecode command option : -novbi ; to use xawdecode without capturing vbi infos. (Alain)
    - add of xawdecode_subtitles.sh shell script: you could see teletext subtitle on xawdecode with OSD to use it, launch into a shell:

                      xawdecode_subtitles.sh 888 & xawdecode -novbi

      to close it: Ctrl+C into the shell (Alain)
    - xawdecode_subtitles.sh recognize automatically the vbi device is you have a /proc folder (Calimero & Pingus)
    - add a new xawdecode command option : -rec_sub record subtitles at the same time you record an AVI file. Subtitles are recorded into file like movie-....sub...... and under the Mplayer MPsub format. If you use MPlayer to watch your avi file, it could load subtitles at the same time it read avi file. (Alain)
    - add a new xawdecode command option :  -capture overlay|grabdisplay|off to use a specific capture mode for all channels at startup. (Alain)
    - Does not record the subtitles if there are more than 4 lines because it is probably not a subtitle (Alain)
    - In xvtv mode, stops video during change of encoding (Alain)
    - To use videotext subtitles, add of the remote command "vtx" (Alain)

    - xawdecode_scantv.sh:
        Rename file into xawdecode_scan.sh (Calimero)
        Use now keypad to select channels (Calimero)
        Add a small advice into the xawdecoderc (Calimero)
        Capability to delete unneeded detected channels (Calimero)
        xawdecode_scantv.sh is now installed with 755 file right (thanks to PLF who find this bug) (Pingus)

    - update Aide-2.0.2.tar.gz to aideFR-2.1.tar.gz    soon translation in US (Pingus)
    - Change v4l-conf software name to xawdecode_v4l-conf (Pingus)
    - add support of the last ffmpeg cvs (4662) (Mat)
    - update xawdecode_wizard: it's launched into $HOME folder. Needed to record files. (Alain)
    - add 2 new buttons to the xawdecode_wizard.conf: one for subtitles, one for xvtv (Pingus)
    - cleaning remote commands system (Alain)
    - No need to have full-duplex for recording (Alain)
  • xawdecode-1.7.0 (10/07/03)

- Updated linear blend deinterlace filter (Keuleu)
- Fixed compilation issues with gcc-3.3 (Keuleu)
- Fixed mouse pointer and "stay on top" when fullscreen is managed by window (Keuleu) manager rather than by xawdecode it self
- Take into account patch #743272: this patch correct mute status lost added with patch #723853 (Thanks to orebo@kech.net)
- Take into account patch #747690: When you have not defined senders, you might get a segmentation fault (Thanks to WG (wgxxx))
- Take into account patch alevt-1.6.1-koi8.patch : add support russian people.
- Update alevt sources 1.6.0 to 1.6.1 (Pingus)
- Small modif. on CPU detection disabled in configure.in (Pingus)
- Take into account patch #757363: prevent an avi file writing problem. When sound and video threads try to access the avi file at the same time (Thanks to Alain alainjj@tiscali.fr)
- Take into account patch #757797: add better sound and video synchronization when an avi file is recording (Thanks to Alain alainjj@tiscali.fr)

- Update video recording module (Alain alainjj@tiscali.fr):

        - more clever gestion of the fps and the synchronization (Parameter : fps and max. gap A/V)
        - maximal size of avi file set to 4GB (ext2fs, ext3fs ou reiserfs) and set to 2 GB for vfat partitions. When 4 GB (or 2 GB) is reached a new one is created.
        - modifs to make compilation with NOAUDIO possible
        - stereo support corrected. stereo option (to enable set achans to 2) (Parameter: Stereo Mode)
        - synchronization algorithm modified (no duplicated frames, but dropped video AND audio frames)
        - writing errors more managed.
        - VARIABLE BITRATE audio mp3 support (Parameter: Bitrate)

- Correction of a bug: with ffmpeg, all the frames were keyframes (Alain)

- Update DivX GUI : add new buttons for Alain new options.  (Pingus)
- DivX GUI: add a new button to quit the window (to answer to an old user request...) (Pingus)

- Add a shell script that make it easy to create the configuration file xawdecoderc (Calimero).

- Update the GUI: add a scantv button in "Channel Editor" menu to launch scan.sh Calimero script (Pingus)
- Add a new wizard for dummies: xawdecode-wizard (Pingus)
- Change tempnam by mkdtemp into src/file.c (Alain)
- Add new options to launch xawdecode at startup (Alain):

    -rec_fps fps : set recording framerate (default=25.0)
    -rec_display 0|1 : set display mode during recording (default=1)
    -rec_width width : set width of the recording video (default=384)
    -rec_videobr br : set recording video bitrate to br kbit/s (default=800)
    -rec_mp3cbr br : activate MP3 CBR and set bitrate to br kbit/s (default=activated, 128kbit/s)
    -rec_mp3vbr quality : activate MP3 VBR and set compressing quality (0=best, 9=worst) (default=deactivated,     quality=8)
    -rec_vcodec xvid|ffmpeg_mpeg4|ffmpeg_mpeg1|divx4linux : set recording video codec
    -rec_maxgap : set recording max gap between audio and video in seconds (default = 0.08 second)
    -e \"cmd_1; cmd_2; cmd_3;...cmd_n : execute the commands at the beginning of execution:

        With -e option you could execute some commands at the xawdecode startup, like remote commands:
        for example:
        xawdecode -e "setchannel France2; record"
        It switch to France2 channel and begin the record.

- dummy interface. (used when no TV card is detected) (Alain)
- common CFLAGS for all the files... (Alain)
- does not put IGAIN to 100% for ALSA09 users.... dans src/mixer.c (Alain)
- Add xawdecode_cmd and an help (Alain):

    With command_cmd you could launch some instructions to xawdecode if one has been launched.
    For example, it you want to launch a record at 1:00 am:
    You just have to do:
    echo 'xawdecode_cmd "setchannel France2; record"' | at 1:00

- Add support for latest divx codec 5.0.5 (20030428) (Bart)  Be careful, this codec is known to segfault on Pentium4 (bug from divx.com!)
- Take into account patch #766856: added -nowd option to disable window decoration at startup,  activation of OSD when window decoration is disabled (Thanks to CuC).
- Write divx parameters into the configuration file xawdecoderc (Bart)
- Fix segfault problems with buttons into "channel editor" GUI (Pingus)

  • xawdecode-1.6.8 (02/05/03)

- added support for the XviD codec
- take into account patch #686947:  Add NZ Chanels to UHF
- if /proc filesystem is present, uses informations from /proc/video/dev to automagically detect the right video and vbi devices.
- added "-C vbi device" option
- applied patch #695011: SegFault with record
- added CPU type detection in configure (thanks MPlayer!).in to compile
  xawdecode with the best possible optimizations with respect to the CPU
- added --disable-cpu-detection switch to configure script
- reworked alsa detection by configure script
- added possibility to ask the window manager to remove/add the window
  decorations (B keyboard shorcut and new entry in the options menu)
- take into account patch #695965: Some problem with FFMPEG (divx.c won't compile if HAVE_XVID is not defined)
- fixed bug #711769: Lirc et segmentation fault
- added feature request #711773: Valeur d'incrémentation du volume
- added feature request #711772: Ajout de commandes pour Lirc
- new icon for xawdecode
- take into account patch #722018 (XV patch for ATI cards)
- take into account patch #723853 (patch to mute sound when switching channels)
- take into account patch #724409 (audio mode lang1 and 2 : obsolete)
- take into account patch #728435 (Add of showtime function)
- take into account patch #729202 (xawdecode ebuild for gentoo)
- take into account patch #730995 (fix problem with channel option in xawdecoderc)

  • xawdecode-1.6.7 (02/02/03)

- AC_PREREQ(2.5) added in configure.in to nsure autoconf greater than 2.5 is used and therefore prevents earlier autoconf version to generate buggy shell code
- removal of acconfig.h et DEFINE templates added in configure.in
- killing of "header not found" errors while compiling alevt with particular configurations
- various warning killing in alevt with gcc-3.2
- detection of systems using the devfs file system and therefore /dev/v4l/video0 as video device
- patch #644358: add of ffmpeg mpeg1 video codec
- patch #651746: new debian packaging (fonts are now in an independant package)
- better handling of NET_WM compliant window managers (fullscreen and stay on top features)
- aligned to new ffmpeg libavcodec API (LIBAVCODEC_BUILD >= 4641). Previous version of libavcodec are not any more supported. Builds fine with official ffmpeg 0.4.6
- now really find and use first available YUY2 Xvideo port in case one is already used by another application

  • xawdecode-1.6.6a (16/11/02)

- segfault when stopping divx recording with ffmpeg fixed

  • xawdecode-1.6.6 (13/11/02)

- DivX 4 support was broken for some old version of DivX 4
- preliminary support of nxtvepg
- if /dev/vbi does not exist, try to use /dev/video/vbi0 or /dev/vbi0
- segfault when last used channel has been erased from configuration file has been fixed
- segfault when video drivers didn't support Xvideo is fixed
- stay on top should now work with any Gnome enabled window manager, not only the one I'm using
- support of pre or post 4624 libavcodec (ffmpeg) build
- new generic config.spec file
- new Mandrake dedicated config.spec file with PLF dependencies
- better handling of gcc 3.x
- ability to define the directory where the AVI file will be saved

  • xawdecode-1.6.5 (24/07/02)

- fixed installation issue that came with 1.6.4
- added --disable-alsa switch in configure script for the foolish who don't want to compile with alsa support

  • xawdecode-1.6.4 (23/07/02)

- fixed some compilation issues when ffmpeg was disabled

  • xawdecode-1.6.3 (21/07/02)

- DivX recording should now work without Xvideo in any RGB mode: RGB15/16/24/32

  • xawdecode-1.6.2 (15/07/02)

- take into account Henk's patch (finetuning configuration)
- configure script now makes a more detailed control of alsa stuff (version, amixer, etc...)
- improved support of alsa 0.9.x
- added Linear Blend deinterlace option (coming from xine...)
- added W-Modul and H-Modul parameters in the DivX Parameters panel
- added bitrate parameter in the DivX Parameters panel. I can't believe I
  could forgot this one !!!
- added support for DivX 5 codec
- added support for FFMPEG MPEG4 codec (better and faster than the one from divx.com). Please README.ffmpeg to know how to get and install ffmpeg.
- DivX recording works in noxv mode as well (RGB24 or RGB32 **ONLY**, not RGB16)
- take into account plugin's black border value for DivX recording

  • xawdecode-1.6.1 (19/03/02)

- segfault when compiled without Xvideo support fixed
- fix of not taking into account height paramater when recording DivX
- try to take into account Henk's patch (finetuning configuration). Henk, please send me your patch again...

  • xawdecode-1.6.0 (03/01/02)

- brush up of DivX recording

  • xawdecode-1.6.0beta (27/12/01)

- Recording of current displayed channel in an AVI file. Video is compressed using DivX 4 codec available at http://download.divx.com/videocodecs/linux/divx4linux-20011010_4.02.tgz
  Sound is stored either in 16 bits wave format or in compressed MP3 format if lame 3.90 (and its library libmp3lame) have been found on the system.
  An entry has been added in the general options window to start/stop the record or to modify the record parameters. The start/stop function is also available via the R keyboard shortcut.
  Recording is only possible in Xvideo mode (though it could be implemented in plain X11 RGB mode but with performances downgrade).
  During a record, window resizing, fullscreen and channel selection are inhibited.
  The name of the AVI file is build in the same way as it is done for jpeg or ppm snapshots:
  movie-[channel name]-[date]-[time]-[index].avi
  The latest plugin (1.3.2) is not compatible with the record feature, except in channel is clear and if the "hw_scaling = off" option has been set in xawdecode's config file.
  For playing your AVI back, I strongly recommend the excellent aviplay which is part of the avifile package and notably in it's 0.6 version (still under development) and available only in snapshot format at
- Added CTRL+D keyboard shortcut to change deinterlacing filter.
- When a deinterlacing filter is used, it's name is displayed along with the channel name in the title bar.

  • xawdecode-1.5.0 (22/12/01)

- added deinterlacing functions (bob, weave, greedy, one field) from xine code coming itself from Dscaler.
  Deinterlacing functions work only with Xvideo.
  A new entry in the xawdecode config file has been added: deinterlace = none | bob | weave | greedy | onefield This a local field within a channel definition.
- added an "Always on Top" function which works (should work) with any Gnome compliant Window Manager or with any NET_WM compliant Window Manager (KDE2, but not KDE1).
  This function is accessible through the general options window or via the T key.
- memorization of last fast_memcpy function used to spare a benchmark at every xawdecode startup.
  However a new benchmark can be requested either by:
  * deleting the ~/.xawdecode/memcpy_method file
  * OR by providing xawdecode with the -probe_memcpy switch
- for the unfortunates who run recent Mandrake or RedHat distros,
  xawdecode will now check the following to use as default bbtv device: /dev/video, /dev/video/video0, /dev/video0

  • xawdecode-1.4.5 (02/12/01)

- added windowsize when saving configuration file
- bug fix in black border management when size was biger than 768x576 in -noxv mode
- add an xawdecode entry in the Debian menufile system (hoppefully it's true now)
- bug fix in volume management through the volume slider in the general options menu
- in case of OSS drivers: if igain was muted at xawdecode's start, it was forced to a too high value
- when taking snapshots: if a / is in the channel name, replacement by a | in the filename

  • xawdecode-1.4.4 (25/11/01)

- fixed bug introduced in Channel Window due to the restore of last used channel

  • xawdecode-1.4.3 (25/11/01)

- bug fix in configuration file writing
- add an entry in the general options window to save current configuration
- (final ?) bug fix in black border management
- automatic save and restore of last used channel and its video parameters
- video parameters of a channel (color, hue, contrast, fine tuning, etc ...) are memorized even if zapping occurs
- add an xawdecode entry in the Debian menufile system
- added a sample .lircrc configuration file for a Miro remote control

  • xawdecode-1.4.2 (11/11/01)

- plugin version checking introduced
- -h option now displays the complete list of available options
- fix the "v4l and dga disagree about the framebuffer base" bug for 3dfx cards
- take into account -x option (disable XFree extensions)
- take into account -d option (disable DGA)
- it is ESC, and ESC only, which quits the application

  • xawdecode-1.4.1 (05/11/01)

- modification of Xawdecode.ad to take into account the mouse wheel without having to use imwheel
- fixed the fault when grabbing a jpeg image
- "Channel Window" and jpeg/ppm grabs are now working correctly wether Xvideo mode is used or not and whatever the X server's depth is.

  • xawdecode-1.4.0 (28/10/01)

- integration of alevt videotext decode wich can be launched by CTRL+A.
- removal of all code related to descrambling.
- reintroduced the -x option which has been lost at some point.
- fixed the segfault when using the -v switch without passing any argument. If there is no argument, it is assumed to be 1.
- clean redrawing of the screen when switching from grabdisplay/overlay/off modes.

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