XV means eXtensions Video: these extensions are developed for XFree 4.x / X.org 6.x server.
With them you can realise great things like: using video hardware acceleration capabilities (that makes video more fluid).
With Xv, YUY2 -> RGB conversion is made by hardware whereas, without Xv, this conversion is made by XdTV itself (with MMX instructions).

If you want to use all XdTV functions, your graphic card must support Xv. Otherwise some of them could not be usable (for example deinterlace filters). You can test it with this command:


If your card doesn't support Xv you can launch XdTV without these video extensions:

xdtv -noxv

Be careful: To use the Xv TV card support, you have to add load "v4l" into the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file.

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