XdTV Xosd Options:


Xosd Options Explanations
Common Xosd Options
Message Timer
Choose how long a title is displayed on screen.
Text Color
Choose the xosd main text color.
Outline Color
Choose the xosd outline text color.
Outline Offset
Choose the size of the outline color
Shadow Offset
choose the size of shadow behind the text.
Main Xosd Options
Main Font Type
Choose the xosd main text font.
Main Font Size
Choose the xosd main text font size.
<< Test & Update Main Xosd >>
Test & Update Main Xosd.
Teletext Xosd Options
Teletext font Type
Choose the xosd teletext font.
Teletext Font Size
Choose the xosd teletext font size.
<< Test & Update teletext Xosd >>
Test & Update teletext Xosd
Open Main Options...
Popup Main Parameters Window.
Apply, Save & Close (Shift+S)
Apply & Save your choosen options & Close this GUI.

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