XdTV X11 Options:

X11 Options

X11 Options Explanations
X11 Options
Fullscreen Mode
Choose the method you want when fullscreen is launched.
Fullscreen Resolution
Specify which video mode should be used for fullscreen.  Works with X11 only, and of cource you need a valid modeline for this mode in your X11 RC file.
Automatically enter in grabdisplay mode when a vop is activated (default=on). You can here change this option (on / off).
Fullscreen Moving Window (wm-off-by) Some WM's handle static gravity not correct.  This is somewhat boring with fullscreen mode.  With this options you can correct this with a displacement for moving windows.
Mozaic Pixmaps Channel Size (pixsize)
Size of the channel pixmaps (within Mozaic Channels Window).  0x0 disables this
XV Colorkey Info (Grabdisplay only)
If Xvideo is enabled, assigns value to colorkey (to avoid transparency problems).

Max Width / Height of the grabbed frames
Cap. Width
Set maximum width of the grabbed frames (default=maximum=768).
Cap. Height
Set maximum height of the grabbed frames (default=maximum=576).
Choose a Blackborder
Blackborder Mode
Propose a specific black borders height.
Blackborder Set height of the black borders.
Open Main Options...
Popup Main Parameters Window.
Apply, Save & Close (Shift+S)
Apply & Save your choosen options & Close the X11 Parameters GUI.


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