Thanks :

Xawdecode Developers:
and Maupatz for Xawdecode. A great thanks to both of them.
Fl for Debian support.

XdTV Developers:
The new developers team: Alain, Bart, Blindman, Calimero, Cooly, CycyX, CuC, Mat, Maupatz, Pingus
The new beta testers team: Blindman, Hayvan, Mirtouf, Irmisha, Humidifier
XdTV logo: Blindman

Contribute to the source code:
François, Grololo, GYGY, Tal, Uzuul, WG, Wismerhill and others

Distributions packagers:
Napo978  for Debian support
Sebastien Corot (Thibaut Cousin) for Suse support
Dag Wieers & Emmanuel Seyman  for Redhat support
TGL, Dju` (Christian Loitsch) for Gentoo support
Glor (Andre Bruce) for Slackware support
Pascal Terjan, Laurent Culioli, Olivier Thauvin from PLF  for Mandrake support since a very very.... very long time ;-)

Gerd Knorr
for XawTV software.
Günter Bartsch and everyone who contributed to the Xine project.
Edgar Toernig (alevt) for teletext support.
L. H. de Figueiredo for BS public domain code.

This help was written by GaGai, after by MulRock (Only for versions 1.x)
Help version 2.x was written by Pingus and BlindMan
Thanks for all.

"L'entraide est notre force à tous !" © GaGai 2001-2002


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