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Sound Cards

The XdTV compatible sound cards list is not really known. It must be very close to the ones of  OSS and ALSA projects:

Nevertheless, we suggest you to use one Creative Labs card.

These cards are known to work correctly with XdTV:

  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live 1024
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Value
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE 64 ISA
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 PCI
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy
  • Carte son intégré AC'97

So, Creative Labs Sound Blaster cards are really adviced.

We also suggest you to use the ALSA 1.x drivers rather than  OSS ones. With OSS drivers you can come across some disadvantages (sound and video not synchronized for example). This problem will not appear with ALSA drivers.
In fact, XdTV is optimized for ALSA drivers.
Here is the web adress of ALSA project:

To easily configure your sound card you could use alsaconf script:

This software will modify your modules.conf file (the modules.conf file is into the /etc folder).


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