Hard Disk:

With XdTV you could watch TV but also record movies.
Since the version 1.7.0, you could record movie during a long time into the AVI format (several video codecs are proposed).

So, to make a good record, you must own a 9 Gb hard disk minimum size with a good speed ( (7200 rpm: if the speed is higher the written speed will be better and your movie quality greater).

XdTV could managed file systems like VFAT (FAT16 et FAT32) but also natives Linux file systems like Ext2Fs, Ext3Fs ou ReiserFs. We suggest you to use an hard disk with  Ext2, Ext3 or Reiser file system. With such file systems, you could record a 4 Gb maximum  size per file. If you use a VFAT file system, the maximum file size is only 2 Gb. Every time you reach the maximum size, a new file is created automatically.

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