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XdTV software doesn't need much CPU power. Nevertheless to flawlessy use video processing like video recording , video deinterlacing or any processing provided  by external plugins, a strong processor is highly recommended.

XdTV works well with both AMD and Intel processors (with MMX instructions). It should also work with PowerPC and 68000 CPU family.

We suggest you to have, on your computer, at least an Intel Pentium II or an AMD K6-2 processor.

Some people told us that XdTV also works on small computer configuration as Intel Pentium 166 MMX (This must be seen as a mimimum).

XdTV works well with any i386 compatible MMX processor.

Be Careful: XdTV could be used to record films with the DivX5 codec. The last version 5.0.5 of this codec is known to crash XdTV (or all other softwares that use this codec) if you have a Pentium IV CPU.


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