XdTV AleVT Options:


AleVT Options Explanations
Default Page(s)
Choose the default teletext page. If you write 100 200 300 that will launch 3 differents alevt window with 100, 200 and 300 as default pages.
Finetune Method
Finetune Mode
Choose the best method to capture teletext signal between None, Auto & Manual
If alevt_finetune_mode equal manual, this value is used to fine tune the teletext signal.
Other AleVT Parameters
Error Reduction
If there is some noise on teletext signal, this activate an algorithm to reduce errors.
Error bell
Activation of the bell when some errors appear.
Character Set
Choose your charset between latin, russian and greek.
<< Start AleVT >>
Start AleVT & Close this GUI.
Open Main Options...
Popup Main Parameters Window.
Apply, Save & Close (Shift+S)
Apply & Save your choosen options & Close this GUI.

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